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    Founded by a team of entrepreneurs with over 30 years of experience in the business of home decor and lighting, Are Lighting‰Ûªs main focus is to cultivate sensitivity, choosing innovation globally by learning to combine the highest quality standards with the best design selection.

    Our inspiration does not come from a single location. It is the fruit of continuous observation of the market‰Ûªs trends and technological innovation; following the fashion world in lighting and lifestyles, to always be in the forefront offering the latest designs.
    Representing the best established brands in USA and importing directly from manufacturers in different countries plus choosing the ‰ÛÏright‰Û selection of fixtures Are Lighting has achieved a touch of distinction that characterizes our lamp designs available to consumers who value quality product at competitive prices.

    The Signs that characterize Are Lighting‰Ûªs marketed brands are the elegance and purity of lines and forms consciously innovative, reliable and durable finishes, able to make our lifestyle casual and contemporary. We also offer timeless classic fixtures that do not go out of style.

    We Offer the highest quality service, with expert advisors and after sale follow up. Also the ease of buying online with an efficient and reliable e-commerce platform at
    Visit us and you‰Ûªll get expert advice from our lighting designers on the proper lighting for your home or office helping you select among the more than 200,000 models of luminaries suitable for all your needs.

    Are Lighting is located at 136 SW 8th St Miami Fl 33130, open Monday to Saturday from 9:30 am to 6:30 pm

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