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    PEPE CALDERIN DESIGN IS A MIAMI-BASED interior design and architecture firm that specializes in both high-end residential and commercial spaces worldwide. This award-winning full-service design firm offers complete design concepts, space planning, permitting plans and construction documents, visual presentations, 3D renderings, specification and purchasing of materials, furnishings and lighting, as well as installation. At the core of the company is its impeccable attention to detail, and the friendly, honest relationships they create with each of their clients.

    The Harp family was already familiar with Calderin‰Ûªs work when they decided to work with the firm. Confident in their talent and experience, they allowed the company free reign of the design. In fact, their only two requests were that their home be highly modern, and that it have lots of red. From there, Calderin was able to
    create a home that was truly reflective of both their style and his own.
    Individuality has always been key for the company, so Calderin created lots of custom pieces, including a dimensional wall treatment made of asymmetrical red glass panels. Wooden archways highlighted each of the major areas, ensuring that even the most minor detail was dripping with style. The use of glass, natural stones, and dark woods served as a backdrop for newer technologies, like the infinity tub in the master bath, the open, three-piece fireplace in the great room and the two-way mirror that allowed the television to be viewed from anywhere throughout the entire master suite. It actualized itself into a truly special home that was personal to the tastes of the client as well as the designer.

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