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    Located in the historic Franklin Building in Miami‰Ûªs chic Design District, Sharron Lewis Design Central is the ultimate resource for any design need. Whether you are a professional designer looking for one-stop design solutions or an individual ready to create that perfect space, Sharron Lewis Design Central will help you execute your design vision, every time. Our experienced team of professional designers will guide you in whatever area of design you need, from bespoke furniture for any room in the house to floor, window and wall treatments, to sophisticated and one-of-a-kind home furnishings, to home staging and complete, turnkey interiors. In short, nothing else compares.

    Founded in 1999, Sharron Lewis Design Central is the vision of the late Sharron Lewis, who wowed the Miami design world for years with her keen ability to realize beautiful and inspiring spaces. Today, Sharron‰Ûªs spirit lives on through an exceptionally talented team of designers who continue to weave style and elegance into every space they touch.

    Not only do we provide exceptional interior design and staging services, our Miami-based factory creates bespoke furniture, upholstery services and wall and window treatments created at our Miami-based factory. The Franklin Building showroom is also expanding to showcase more of our one-of-a-kind home furnishings and accessories.

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