Closet Factory, The

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    To Us, Everything Is Personal

    We treat every project as a unique opportunity to design a new masterpiece. To give someone‰Ûªs life more order. More serenity. Even more beauty. That‰Ûªs our philosophy. That‰Ûªs why we listen carefully when our clients tell us what they want.
    Just as no two problems are alike, neither are the solutions. Your situation is uniquely yours, and no company is more uniquely qualified to help you than Closet Factory. Where every storage solution is custom. Made to order. Your order. It‰Ûªs the reason we‰Ûªve become the authority on personal storage solutions.
    It all began over two decades ago when we engineered the industry‰Ûªs first truly custom closet. By continuing to set new standards in client care, customization, and craftsmanship, Closet Factory grew to become a leading franchise in closet organizers with dozens of territories throughout the United States. This national network of individuals is dedicated to creating the most personalized storage solutions right down to the last drawer handle.

    So whether you‰Ûªre a client in Los Angeles or New York, you‰Ûªll find the same high-grade materials, lifetime guarantee, professionally trained Designers, and excellent workmanship that defines Closet Factory as the industry standard as well as a company.
    The way we look at it, build a great closet and a great business will follow.

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