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    ITALGRES, a company that prides itself in providing unique materials and designs to our exclusive clients. More than porcelain, we offer access to a cutting edge, and eclectic lifestyle. We live within the art world, with a direct connection to the best trends of decoration and interior design in Europe and around the world. Rooted in Spain, Italgres opened its doors to the U.S. 20 years ago to bring a unique collection that would satisfy the high-end taste of the South Florida residents. Our portfolio includes exclusive representations of producers from Spain and Italy. Visiting any of our three showrooms in Miami or Doral is the perfect way to experience the diversity of our tiles and their applications. Our professional sales team will guide you to select the best tiles for your projects and for your budget. Our designers offer customer service that includes providing samples, taking measurements, and offering technical support and data. Most of our displayed products are in stock and special orders can be satisfied in an average of from 4-5 weeks

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