Erika Masterson Photographic Artist,

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    Cancel 6/1/2013 Erika trained in Daytona Beach, Florida and earned a degree in Photography from Southeastern Center for Photographic Studies. Since then her career has taken off earning her prestigious awards such as First Place Best in Show, Hibiscus Festival Vero Beach, Fl 2009 Scottish Castles and Several First Place awards for Portraits including a month exhibit at the Vero Beach Museum of Art. This October 2012 she won an honorable mention from Creative Center for the Arts. Two of her images were chosen to be on display at the King Center Harris Art Gallery the month of November. All of Erika’s work can be viewed on her website. Erika is available for commissioned portraits as well. Besides being a successful photographer, Erika manages to donate her talent to various local charities annually and spend time with her beloved husband and their four children.

    Erika Masterson Photographic Artist


    1610 Pineapple Ave. Melbourne, Fl 32935

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