Design Specifications, Inc.

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    Design Specifications offers distinctive interior environments that are sophisticated and creative, yet functional. By listening to your needs and desires, Design Specifications can create the perfect one-of-a-kind design‰Û_ just for YOU.

    Since 1987, Design Specifications has provided innovative design solutions for homeowners and builders both in the U.S. and internationally.

    Our mission is to listen to our clients, respect their choices and opinions, and assist them in navigating the design process. Additionally, DS has created a step-by-step system that guides our clients through the entire process‰Û_from concept to installation. Our goal is to make design fun and enjoyable. As one of Central Florida‰Ûªs leading full service design firms, DS offers an elevated level of both service and design execution unparalleled within the industry.

    We hope that you will consider us, when the time comes to design YOUR perfect space.

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