Ferwerda Interior Design

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    *** CANCEL 8/14/2013*** Based in central Florida, Ferwerda Interior Design is led by award-winning and nationally recognized Design Principal Peter Ferwerda. Since 1975, Peter has successfully practiced his unique approach to interior design while being the recipient of numerous design awards and recognitions. Peter‰Ûªs main influences include experiences and studies abroad in Italy and France, as his works have been extensively published in many notable design and lifestyle publications.

    Launched in 2006, Ferwerda Interior Design specializes in high-end custom residential interior design. FID custom projects range from 5,000- 35,000 square feet and larger with current residence projects in Mexico, Spain, and Florida among others. Representing only discerning clientele, Peter takes a hands on approach to executing the sophisticated tastes and lifestyle needs of his clients. ‰ÛÏMy approach to interior design relies on a harmonic blend of classic design principals and architectural elements, traditional, transitional, or modern, but always keeping in mind how my clients live and use their home. Everyone is ultimately different‰Û.

    Ferwerda Interior Design advantages range from a detailed-oriented design approach to strong client communication skills and personal handling of each project by Peter. As a boutique interior design firm that executes like a large firm, FID offers the necessary personal nuances only found in a small firm setting. Peter handles each design project and client personally as he focuses on nurturing a strong bond with all his clients. Peter believes in cultivating long-term and lasting relationships that lead to beautifully executed interior spaces specifically reflecting each of his high-profile clients.

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