Alene Workman Interior Design

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    alene workman interior design is a nationally recognized multi award firm creating beautiful, timeless estates and luxury homes for notable clients and celebrities. Our portfolio of completed, published projects in South Florida and throughout the United States features outstanding major renovations and new construction residences.
    We begin your home with personal visualizations of the interior design concepts, interior architecture and interior detailing.
    As the leader of your team, we help you define and clarify your needs and incorporate these effortlessly into our designs. We guide you to navigate the maze of decisions about materials, products and people, through the entire process with transparent financial controls. With our 25+ years of knowledge and training, we keep your project on track with open communication and proven project management skills.
    Our forward-thinking innovative approach in planning and design, introduces you to new and exciting products, creative lighting, hi tech home automation, and materials that can be used in unique and inventive ways.
    On your behalf, we focus on you, the art of design, strategic project leadership and passionate service.
    alene workman,(FASID) founder and principal designer, is a Fellow of the American Society of Interior Designers, combines classical fine art training with the structure of interior design. As a leader and visionary in the design community, Ms. Workman is also a national spokesperson to the media for ASID.

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