Kitchen Strand, The

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    The Kitchen Strand; Discriminating homeowners, builders, developers, architects and interior designers appreciate our unique creative abilities and careful attention to detail. Producing exceptional; Bathrooms, Winerooms, home offices, coffered ceilings and more. Featuring: Custom work with Premier Custom Built, Wm Ohs, La Cornue, SieMatic, Cuisines Laurier and our own unique shop, projects starting from $ 40k

    Stunning Island and Range
    ‰ÛÏLaCornue range, the highlight of cooking surrounded with dramatic Wm Ohs custom cabinets and a 6‰Û thick wood island top.‰Û

    Me and the Dog
    ‰ÛÏAt home, his kitchen, a family, ready for dinner under a custom mother of pearl ceiling, Wm Ohs and The Kitchen Strand.‰Û

    Her Master Bath
    ‰ÛÏExquisite Wm Ohs cabinetry with their exceptional Old-World finish, custom cabinetry for the lovely lady of the house‰Û

    His Bath
    ‰ÛÏWm Ohs custom cabinets featuring a convex sink base, hand carvings and a hidden wardrobe behind the mirrors‰Û

    Beaux Arts
    ‰ÛÏBeaux Arts by SieMatic, a unique style the Beaux Arts collection masterfully address style and design from the Edwardian period‰Û

    The Bridge
    ‰ÛÏSieMatic, German, Contemporary, unique cabinets, an unmistakable style and design, noticeably SieMatic.‰Û

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