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    Cancel 1/2/2013 At Douglas Stephenson’s Marble & Tile. We enjoy working with select designers, architects and discerning clientele. With over two decades of experience delivering stunning marble and stone work in Florida. The best tile Florida residents can find is our 3,500 SF showroom. Our artisans are the finest in the world. Douglas Stephenson’s Marble and Tile has hundreds of samples to choose from. Exclusively for the sophisticated designer, architect or luxury home builder with discerning taste. If you have a need for the best of modern marble, tile, quartz and granite materials give us a call and see what a difference total attention to your specific needs can do for your next project. We can make your vision come to life with gorgeous stone work and ornate tile mosaics that will create eye popping and stunning bathrooms, sophisticated kitchen tiles and counter-tops, one-of-a-kind pool areas, outdoor kitchens. Even interior spaces like fireplaces, floors and spectacular living areas. Douglas Stephenson’s Marble and Tile will work closely with you on every phase of your project. Starting with a free initial design consultation all the way to the planning and ordering, demolition of any existing spaces and then culminating in the final flawless installation. Our clients include the finest interior designers and architects in the country. We mainly service the south Florida area, but our artists and material come from the finest quarries and artisan studios in the world. Because we want to give each of our clients our undivided attention, we request your first contact us to schedule an appointment using our Contact form or call 772-546-9159 . Appointments are not necessary but appreciated to better serve you. Our showroom is closed to the general public. However, if you desire the finest in world class marble, stone, recycled glass, quartz, gem stones, granite and porcelain we can take your dreams and turn them into a reality

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