Innovative Creations

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  • Profile

    Innovative Creations has been known as the “couture” interior design company which specializes in highly custom and turnkey interiors through a world-wide search of beautiful and, sometimes, rare materials all to satisfy a very “up to date clientele”.

    With an in-depth understanding of the client’s wants and needs, Innovative Creations can take a project from the hiring of the architect to the final implementation of all plans and design process. Every project is one of a kind, original and created with a huge passion for the extraordinary.

    Katia Bates, a native from the area of Venice, Italy and her husband, Tom, offer a vast knowledge of Italian and European traditional styles as well as authentic contemporary and transitional designs.

    Twice responsible for the restoration and enhancement of the former Versace Mansion in South Beach (once owned by Gianni Versace), Innovative Creations has an eye for detail and an unparalleled passion for creativity.

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