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  • Profile

    Javier de Echenique-Vico was born in Madrid to a family of artists. He is the son of Maria Teresa Vico, painter and piano teacher, and ́ngel de Echenique Ubide , one of the founding fathers of Radio and TV in Spain. His paternal grandfather, Angel de Echenique Pardo, was Secretary General at the Prado Museum. Javier had the privilege to grow up in a unique artistic environment, thus developing an eclectic and Mediterranean style.

    A graduate in Advertising and Marketing, he later studied Design and Art History in Lisbon. A versatile entrepreneur, Javier owned several franchises and directed radio programs in Madrid. As Account Manager in Lisbon, among his clients we find Citibank, Blockbuster, Fiat, Lancia and Alfa Romeo. He also designed the office of the President at Ericsson Portugal and several outstanding residences in Cascais and Estoril close to the coast of Lisbon in Portugal.

    Javier founded Echenike Design in Buenos Aires, where he carried out more than twenty projects for investors from Argentina, Switzerland and New York City. His house in Palermo Soho made the cover of D&D , the most prestigious magazine in South America. His colorful creations have been published in Spain, Chile, Argentina and the US.

    Recently established in South Florida, Javier is dedicated to interior architecture, residential, designing office spaces, hospitality, furniture, lamps, yachts, jewelry, as well as landscaping, always applying his personalized style and trademark in all of his designs.

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