Charles Neal Interiors

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    Charles Neal is an award winning global interior designer. His unique design approach blends baroque modern decor with luxurious silhouettes which have landed him many accolades throughout his career. Charles charisma, wit, and charm is as delightful as his creations, for he has appeared on numerous television shows such as HGTV’s Show House Showdown, Design Wars, Prince of Design, NBC’s Open House and Celebrity Holiday Homes.


    A tireless worker, artist and designer, Charles is constantly pushing the limits and expanding his design aesthetic. His abundance of experience with interior design has made him the industry leader in fashioning the distinctive textures, materials, and shapes that make his designs so unforgettable.

    Charles has a keen eye that is never content with the norm. All of his projects include elements uniquely designed for that particular space such as a beautiful cornice or custom sofa. He was creating so many custom furniture pieces because he was not satisfied with what he found on the market that he approached furniture companies to produce a line of his own. After multiple offers, Charles decided the best partner would be with Caracole. He now has two collections titled Everly and Adela.

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