Cinmar Bath & Kitchen Boutique

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    ‰ÛÏCinmar Bath & Kitchen Boutique was incorporated in 2004 bringing over 25 years of experience and knowledge in the high end decorative plumbing and hardware industry. We choose to ‰ÛÏboutique‰Û our showroom to be able to continue focus in product specialization and services to you and your clients. At Cinmar we understand trade professionals and their needs, whether they be designers, architects contractors or plumbers.

    Our showroom is open Monday through Friday. We suggest that you make an appointment with us to insure quality time. We can also accommodate you and your clients after hours or Saturday by appointment. We are conveniently located å_ mile west of I95 on the south side of Griffin Road with plenty of parking in the front or rear of the building.‰Û

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