Audio Elegance

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    Jason‰Ûªs advice is that regardless of where your starting point is, ‰ÛÏdon‰Ûªt forget your music‰Û is his motto. Gone are the days when one uses decorative table cloths to cover loudspeakers or subwoofers. ‰ÛÏYour loudspeakers stand out in the room, period, and you need them untethered to achieve great sound. Know what music you like, how loud you listen to them and find the best loudspeakers that specializes in delivering that without adding sonic signature to corrupt the sound you love,‰Û exclaimed Jason.

    Jason is highly sought after by designers and installers whose clients are unhappy with their music playback, be it in their home entertainment rooms or in a multi-purpose room in their living and working environment. ‰ÛÏIn the case of home entertainment rooms, most of them have flushed cabinets that hide all their electronics, including the loudspeakers,‰Û lamented Jason. ‰ÛÏIf you are limited in space, with one simple change and without engaging more real estate, our clients are able to enjoy both their action movies and Chopin with little distortions,‰Û commented Jason, ‰ÛÏbut on the other hand, if you have more real estate to play with, the trick is to create a stereo listening environment that blends into your living, most effortlessly, most rewardingly sound wise and most elegantly from an aesthetics standpoint.‰Û

    His favorite loudspeakers to achieve that with happen to be the Vivid Audio GIYA series. ‰ÛÏVivid Audio strives to deliver zero sonic signatures where sonically, it feels like they disappear from the room. Coupled with their museum quality design offered in any automotive color, these are true works of art from an engineering design and from an aesthetic design standpoint, allowing our interior design colleagues the creative room to balance their clients‰Ûª living space with other design elements while making a feature out of them.‰Û

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