B+G Design, Inc.

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    With more than 20 years of industry experience, the ingenious design couple of Brett Sugerman and Giselle Loor are the driving force behind the high-profile firm of b g design inc. The duo has found its niche in high-end residential and executive-class commercial projects, and has made a stamp across the nation. Compiling an impressive portfolio of projects in Florida, California, North Carolina, Washington D.C., Colorado and Mexico, b g design inc. has forged a loyal client base and has evolved into a force in the interior design industry. Sugerman and Loor began collaborating in 2001 at another South Florida design firm. After completing numerous successful projects, the pair decided to open their own firm in 2006. Their resulting work is consistently clean, sculptural and sensitive. Together, husband and wife team Brett Sugerman and Giselle Loor, and their staff combine cutting edge talent with personalized service.

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