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    DelrayART is an art publishing company and gallery located in Delray Beach. DA has assembled a small stable of artists who specialize in imagery related to the South Florida environment. Perhaps the most popular print in their collection is Mathew Vought ‘s large format photograph ‘The Sailboat’ . Also popular are the photographs of Verne Verona whose ‘Solo Swim’, shot in the Greek Islands a year ago is quickly becoming a best seller. Davis who maintained a studio on 42nd Street for many years only recently began painting the beach scenes which have now become his trademark. The flattened picture planes and use of triptych and diptych panels underscore the abstract elements beneath the whimsical treatment of the people.
    In 2011, Davis collaborated with researcher and author Eleanor Goldstein and Charles J. Kropke of Dragonfly Expeditions, an eco-tour company located in Miami to produce a unique book on South Beach. Produced with the help of Ausbert D’Arce formerly of Assoline publishing and Mitchell Kaplan of Books & Books, South Beach: Stories of a Renaissance is a coffee table book with over 200 pages full of fascinating anecdotes and stories as well as photography much of it done by Davis. In addition, Davis painted four large paintings which are included in the book as fold-outs and which are now on display at the Miami Convention Center.

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