JMV Piano Classics

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    JMV Classics offers one of the few and most distinguished collections of custom-designed, handcrafted, and, very often, historic art-case grand pianos in the world. Each piano has been or can be expertly restored by some of Europe‰Ûªs finest craftsmen or created new in any desired design concept or theme.

    JMV Classics guarantees the highest quality restoration and refinishing using some of the world‰Ûªs best materials and craftsmen, artists in their own rights, who excel in the restoration, preservation, and conservation of these unique pieces. This standard of excellence represents the same guarantees that Steinway and Boesendorfer would offer on a new piano.

    Any JMV Classic piano is considered a work of art ‰ÛÒ a focal point of class, culture, and exquisite composition — a blending of all artistic endeavors, from architecture to woodworking, design to painting, and bronze casting to 24-karat gilding. Representing a revival of an art form that was popular a century ago, the art case pianos JMV Classics create today, are the rewriting of a forgotten page in history.

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