Beautiful Things

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    Walking into the 8000 square foot showroom of Beautiful Things Lighting and Accessories is unlike walking into any ordinary lighting store. Beautiful Things Lighting and Accessories is one of the leading lighting suppliers located in South Florida. The store features countless manufacturers and products throughout the showroom. Choosing Beautiful Things to fulfill your lighting needs is the start of a journey; one that will brighten your life.

    Lamps, Mirrors, fixtures, landscape lighting, furniture, and accessories cover the vastness of the showroom. Owners Lisa Block and Mario Bologna have cultivated relationships with all major lighting manufacturers, working hard to have them showcase their trending designs and newly innovative technology, including but not limited to LED technology, within the store. These manufacturers include Swarovski Crystal, Ralph Lauren Lighting, Fine Art Lamps, Hinkley, Fanimation, Casablanca, Hunter, Visual Comfort, and many more.

    We continuously strive to set trends in the lighting industry with styles, designs, value and technology, while delivering the utmost level in customer satisfaction. Stop in and let one of our trained ALA certified lighting associates assist you in making your lighting dreams a reality.

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