Perla Lichi Design

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    ‰ÛÏI will transform your unique design vision into reality‰ÛÓfrom concept to installation. Together with my experienced, skilled, multilingual team, I design in any interior style you choose.

    ‰ÛÏWe realize that people everywhere want beautiful, functional interiors that set the stage for their journey through life, to be enjoyed with family and friends. We set that stage. You live the dream.”

    We work locally, nationally and internationally. Each project receives a unique design approach based on our understanding of the client‰Ûªs taste, budget, and individual needs, combined with expertise from our more than 30 years of experience as professional designers.

    Perla Lichi Design specializes in residential interior design. Our portfolio displays our expertise and experience in a wide array of interior design project. Our products and services encompass everything required to complete each unique project, from concept to installation.
    Phone (USA) 954-795-9498
    Mobile 954-205-0222

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