Decker Ross Interiors

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    Established in 1992, Decker Ross Interiors is an award winning, full service Interior Design firm specializing in both Residential and Commercial Design. We have been the recipients of numerous honors, including winning HGTV‰Ûªs Designers Challenge, ‰ÛÏBusiness of the Year‰Û from the Clearwater Chamber of Commerce, and we‰Ûªve been featured in both national and local print and television media.

    Our professional design team enjoys working with a diverse, international clientele and displays expertise in a vast array of styles. We strive to create a designer look that reflects our clients‰Ûª personal taste and lifestyle.
    Our portfolio includes resorts, boutiques, restaurants, offices, as well as beautiful residences and vacation homes.

    Decker Ross Interiors also hosts events to benefit local charities and introduce talented unknown artists to our community. Please visit our website: for more information or stop by our showrooms, if you are in the area.

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