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    Surface material selection is an essential facet of great interior spaces today. Choosing appropriate and complimentary surface materials is crucial to establishing the comfort and purpose of any space, commercial or residential. No matter the location, the right decorative surface materials have the ability to convert a merely functional surface into the centerpiece of a room.

    Decorative Surface Materials

    As natural materials become more rare and expensive, alternatives arise. Machines and printers can duplicate natural surfaces like wood and granite, but the end result is still a concession in quality. However, designers no longer need to sacrifice the richness of natural surfaces for the flexibility and durability of synthetic material. Higher end decorative surface materials are created with deep consideration of color, pattern and texture. These materials can perfectly suit the design and function the space requires. Nowhere are these advantages as abundant as they are with Kinonå¨ Surface Design Inc..

    Using Kinonå¨ As A Decorative Surface Material

    Over the last 15 years, Richard Satz, President and founder has created and developed Kinonå¨ Surface Design Inc. Kinonå¨ quickly established a lasting name in the design world. The resin surface material is well traveled, finding homes in businesses and residences all over the world. High end designers and international decorators covet Kinonå¨ for it‰Ûªs aesthetic wonder and durability. When choosing a decorative surface material, Kinonå¨ falls into all the right categories:

    ‰Û¢ Kinon娉۪s exceptional functionality makes it consistently available for any project. Tables, walls, furniture, art and more all can be transformed from merely efficient to elegant with Kinonå¨.

    ‰Û¢ Kinonå¨ has exceptional resistance to damage. But more importantly it is easy to maintain and repair. Its chemical resistance allows you to easily remove tough stains and spills, from wine to nail polish to permanent marker. Acetone, followed by Kinon娉۪s recommended compounds, can remove almost any accidental mark without damaging the material. Retaining the luster and crispness of each piece of Kinonå¨ is simply essential.

    ‰Û¢ Kinonå¨ will always suit your design. They provide stunning patterns to choose from. The Elite, Royal and Divine Collections promise exactly what their names describe: a design material that is worthy of the best interior designs in the world. For the most unique designs, Kinonå¨ can be matched easily to any custom pattern or material the space requires.

    Working With Kinon
    A leader in the dynamic field of surface design, Kinonå¨ marries function and beauty to create a decorative surface material that is truly unique. Their team of artisans provide a distinctive and proprietary hand cast resin that inspires under the best lighting and withstands the toughest treatment. Alternative resin materials leave much to be desired in comparison and makes the choice of decorative surfaces simple.
    A particularly desirable quality of Kinonå¨ is its ability to mimic the depth of natural materials but provide unique textures and patterns not found anywhere in nature. Being handmade and unique from panel to panel, the subtle variety and patterns of the resin surface material will retain their sophisticated personality and make your space memorable to every visitor. Kinonå¨ effortlessly provides striking colors, patterns and textures that will boost the design of any space from plain to luxurious.
    No other resin surface design company has managed to influence the high-end design world like Kinonå¨ has. No matter the tone of your space, Kinonå¨ decorative surface materials can fit your need with unparalleled craftsmanship, innovation and pure beauty. Luxurious examples of Kinonå¨ decorative surface materials in application are viewable at as well as their showrooms in NYC and Boynton Beach Florida. Visit them and be inspired for your next project.

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