Light Art Scapes

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    Mark Dane‰Ûªs Light Art Sculptures are truly one of a kind. They are hand crafted using dichroic glass mounted on uniquely designed sculptures. An integrated light source strikes the glass at specific angles to produce a combination of highly saturated, transmitted and reflected colors.

    Mark Dane, a successful internet entrepreneur, retired in 2010 to pursue his lifelong passion in photography. An engineer with a creative mind, Mark focused on photographing colored light sources using long exposure techniques. Inspired by the use of thin film filters that transmit and reflect specific light wavelengths, Mark started to design and create actual physical light art sculptures for his home. The reaction from friends and strangers was so astounding that he decided to create these unique sculptures on a full time basis.
    Mark was born in Tel-Aviv, Israel. In 1962, the family moved to New York. Mark graduated with an Industrial Engineering degree from NYU-Poly and moved to the Boston area. An entrepreneur at heart, Mark founded several internet companies, the largest of which was BrassRing, a market leader providing Talent Management solutions to the fortune 500 corporations in over 40 countries, and in over a dozen languages. BrassRing is now an IBM company.

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