Affiniti Architects

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    For 30 years, Affiniti Architects has designed work totaling over $12.5 billion located throughout the US, Central America, Caribbean, and Middle East.

    Affiniti Architects has completed private residences for numerous celebrities, athletes, and CEOs throughout the region. We work discreetly with clients in communities which require a great deal of architectural correctness and an uncompromising professional reputation. World-class interior designers, as part of the team, are able to constantly achieve success due to Affiniti Architects‰Ûª ability to coordinate and execute from initial design through construction.

    Our partners‰Ûª direct involvement throughout the design process, along with select staff specifically trained in estate home architectural and detail, is critical to achieving the level of design and quality which estate homes require. Each residence is a unique, one-of-a-kind legacy properly providing a timeless safe investment of your time and money.

    Our designs have merited over 350 national and regional design awards, and are recognized in numerous published works

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