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    The kitchen, the heartbeat of the home, sets the pace for each day, for life. You gather there to share stories. Plan your next adventure. Live the moment.

    You deserve a kitchen space that fits your personal lifestyle‰ÛÓto cook and savor, to entertain and live life to its fullest, and, yes, to impress.

    Your personal designer is ready to help you create your kitchen‰ÛÓone that uniquely reflects your vibrant personality and exquisite taste.

    Be inspired. Look beyond the boundaries. Experience what you did not think possible: unique finishes, bold colors, daring combinations.

    Appreciate the detail of an Italian-designed kitchen. Enjoy the zest of French flair.

    Absorb the interior design and decoration ideas. It is all here for you.

    Feel and touch fully functional kitchens that inspire you. After all, no one should make such important choices from a sample card.

    From your first step into our showroom, you‰Ûªll experience something extraordinary: a warm welcome from your own formally trained interior designer, who‰Ûªll accompany you on your voyage to a new kitchen.

    To capture the essence of your lifestyle needs and wants, your personal designer has an immediate priority: to visit your home. Taking measurements is secondary. The primary goal is to understand your personality and family lifestyle‰ÛÓto inspire you and, ultimately, design your new kitchen.

    Your personal designer is your guide, remaining at your side from your initial exploration to the most gratifying kitchen warming party you ever imagined.

    Fort Lauderdale Showroom

    3520 N Federal Hwy
    Fort Lauderdale, Florida 33308

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