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    At Sklar Furnishings, we are passionate about interior design; every project is unique which lets our creativity flourish and grow with experience. We offer a wide range of design services to help you accomplish your goals no matter what the project is ‰ÛÒ residential design, commercial design and even custom furniture. Sklar wants to make your experience as enjoyable as possible; we have collected an impressive resource library of materials and finishes to help you visualize your project so you can customize your design to fit your personality and lifestyle. See how Sklar can help make bring your rooms to life; it‰Ûªs easier than you think.

    The home should be an extension of you; a way of expressing your personality, style and creativity. Sklar Furnishings has searched the world over for the latest furniture & design trends, designs and styles; paired together with our team of interior designers, and the results are spectacular.

    Our showroom is filled with inspiration and resources to help make your home come to life. The design center has more samples of materials and finishes than you can imagine and our expert interior designers will help you navigate through the possibilities to ensure your room has a cohesive, beautiful look.

    We appreciate that no two people or homes are alike. That‰Ûªs why we‰Ûªve made customization the foundation of our philosophy. It‰Ûªs what sets us apart, and ultimately, what sets our clients apart. We provide our knowledgeable staff with a dynamic environment to help them, and their clients achieve the best results possible.

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