Canam Cabinet Corp.

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    Since its inception in Boca Raton in 1993, Canam Cabinet Corp has been designing, manufacturing and installing unique creations for our selective clientele. Canam combines creativity and technology to produce innovative and functional design concepts. Whether you‰Ûªre looking for a new kitchen, an entertainment center, home office or library, a visit to our exquisite showroom will inspire you with styles, colors and materials. Our design professionals will assist you in the realization of your project.

    Canam Cabinet Corp also has a division for commercial projects involving millwork and custom cabinetry. Some of our work includes the Westin Diplomat Resort and Banquet Hall, Miramar Cultural Arts Center and British Airways concourse in MIA.

    Our state of the art factory features robotic CNC machinery and we do our own in-house finishing. Our experienced craftsmen take great pride in their work and ensure a quality product that you will love and appreciate for years to come.

    Our goal is to exceed your expectations. We want you to walk in as a customer and leave as a friend. We look forward to the pleasure of working with you on your upcoming project. Please visit our showroom or call us for a consultation.

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