Today’s Custom Furniture

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    Jaime Perczek founded Today’s Custom Design in 1987 in order to bring to the market place a new kind of sculptural based furniture incorporating a fresh mix of rare and exotic finishes.

    Jaime Perczek has evolved as an inspired designer of unique furniture and interiors to capture the spirit of Creativity for his clients.

    The ability to manufacture utilizing important mediums like high end wood veneers, shapes in stainless steel and glass, together with exotic skins and gem stones, has contributed to the increased demand for Jaime’s products and services since the early 80’s.

    Jaime’s design Gallery, located in South Florida for the last 25 years, offers designers and their clients the opportunity to create and purchase one-of-a-kind furniture not available elsewhere.

    All details are important, from the superior finishes to the flowing curves that allow for the sense of harmony to be experienced, Jaime Perczek’s passion for unique expression is apparent.

    From expert furniture design and computer drafting, to highly supervised manufacturing and completed installations – Jaime Perczek is the source of Beauty and function for those who are searching for an enhanced sense of imagination and magic in their homes.

    From Art Deco inspired to stylized Contemporary selections ‰ÛÒ ‰ÛÏI want to capture the soul of my clients in every thing I do‰Û – says Jaime Perczek.

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