Lantern Masters, Inc.

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    Bringing Your Vision to Light

    Lantern Masters, Inc.

    Manufacturer of Fine Interior, Exterior & Custom Lighting


    Where There is Light There is Beauty

    The world’s top Architects, Master Builders and Interior Designers all understand that truly magnificent architecture is not defined by aesthetics alone. They know that the key to any architectural endeavor achieving iconic status lies in the unique emotional reaction that occurs when it’s experienced. Ask any great Artist what the secret is to capturing that magnitude of emotion and you will find that it is in the painting of light and shadow that beauty is defined.

    At Lantern Masters, Inc., not only have we mastered the creation of the finest quality light fixtures, we have become masters of light itself. We strive to create each one of our custom-crafted Pendants, Lanterns, Sconces, Ceiling Flushes and Chandeliers to be just as beautiful as the ambiance that emanates from within them.

    “I wanted to pass along the sentiments from my boss about your lanterns for the Residence in Miami Beach.

    He was so thrilled with Lantern Master‰Ûªs final product and felt that they were beautifully crafted. They captured the exact aesthetic of the project that we were going for.

    Thank you, again!”


    A Legacy of illumination

    For over 30 years Lantern Masters has established an impeccable reputation for creating highly substantial architectural lighting solutions, and is considered a foremost trend-setter in the custom interior and exterior lighting industry. Lantern Masters was founded by Stuart Olesker, in 1978, with the sole intention of creating beautiful, high-quality lighting. Along with his wife Jackie, and later by their daughter, Sharyn, this family business soon became a favorite with the architectural trade.

    Collaboration with our clients leads to new designs for custom fixtures. Inspiration comes from many different periods of architectural history. Replicating historical fixtures from the 17th, 18th, 19th and 20th centuries are a specialty of Lantern Masters. Fabrication includes age-old forging techniques as well as 21st Century technology. Using superior craftsmanship, along with the finest materials, Lantern Masters is committed to creating only the most unique light fixtures.

    “Thanks so much for all of your attention to the design, development and fabrication of the fixtures. All the little tweaks and details that we worked through really paid off. The end product is exactly what we were looking for – they’re contemporary but certainly historic in flavor.

    We’re definitely looking forward to working with Lantern Masters again in the future.”


    Custom Crafted to Perfection

    Pulling from decades of experience, our Artisans and Master Craftsmen operate with complete precision down to the finest detail. Our Chandeliers, Pendants, and Sconces can be crafted from Brass, Iron, Bronze and Stainless Steel. They can also be accented with Fine Arts Bronze Castings, Strass and Rock Crystals, Art Glass and Fine Fabrics.

    All exterior Lanterns are fabricated using non-corrosive materials, with the majority forged in Brass. Copper, Bronze and Stainless Steel materials may also be used. Each Lantern Series is offered in a Wall Mount, Pendant, Pilaster, Post Mount, Ceiling Flush and Flush Wall Mount. There is also a wide selection of Scrolls, Arms and Mounting Brackets that are interchangeable amongst the fixtures as well.


    Timeless Quality Inside and Out

    Whether it is for a beautiful home, a hotel, restaurant or amusement park, creating lighting solutions that will stand the test of time is of utmost importance. It is both a form of art and of functionality, whether with subtle accents or creating high drama. From inception to completion it is important to detail all of the nuances that are involved in each and every project.

    It is with the personal assistance and the expertise of our team of Lighting Engineers and Designers that ultimately enables you to choose with confidence. We do everything in our power to ensure that your every need is met and that your project is lit to perfection.


    Precision Meets Passion

    Regardless of the size or scope of your project, Lantern Masters treats every client and each individual fixture with the same attention to detail. We are actively involved each step of the way, working on the appropriate selection of fixtures and on proper scaling and illumination. Our team will come to local job sites with portfolios and sample fixtures, and we will personally collaborate and work with the client and project team. Long distance projects also have ‰ÛÏjob-site‰Û meetings with the use of email, web cams and the telephone.

    All Lantern Masters fixtures are finely crafted with the sole intention of becoming the ‰ÛÏantiques of tomorrow.‰Û We offer over 1,000 uniquely designed fixtures as part of our signature collection, with new designs always in progress. Upon request, our complete digital library can be sent anywhere, worldwide. We also have a website portfolio at, which showcases a sampling of our fixtures. Log on or call today and see what Lantern Masters has in store for you.


    Meet our Team of Custom Lighting Experts

    Jackie Olesker – President

    Stuart Olesker – Chairman

    Sharyn Olesker – Vice President of Manufacturing

    In business for over 30 years, Lantern Master‰Ûªs team of experts collaborates with Architects, Interior Designers, Master Builders and Home Owners to create and manufacture only the highest caliber custom lighting solutions. We invite you to contact us today to see how we can help you bring light to your next creation.

    Lantern Masters, Inc.

    31328 Via Colinas #103
    Westlake Village, CA 91362
    Phone (818) 706-1990 ‰Û¢ Fax (818) 706-1988

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