Brown Safe

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    Brown Safe has earned a worldwide reputation as the premier custom safe and vault door manufacturer. The multigeneration family-owned company produces a wide variety of safes to fit any need; from luxury safes for A-list celebrities and business leaders to GSA vault doors relied on in US military bases around the globe… and everything in between.

    Their most popular models push the boundaries of the traditional safe. Automotive-quality paint finishes, custom colors, and even carbon fiber wrapped exteriors are some of the most identifiable indicators that these are not your ordinary safes. Beautifully crafted interiors adorned in leather, Ultrasuede, luxurious hardwoods, hand-sewn detailing, and more continue to showcase their attention to detail.

    However, Brown Safe’s approach goes far beyond pretty paintjobs and high-end materials. They view the safe as a vessel to make a life well lived even better. Brown Safe aims to build safes to reflect the personal style and taste of the owner while enhancing the enjoyment of the valuables it protects. Advanced technology and features like biometric fingerprint-reading locks allow highly controlled access and ultimate convenience. For collectors of fine timepieces, two types of watch winders are available and the ability to designate the number needed to keep the whole collection looking good and functioning in top form.

    If you are searching for a safe that’s sure to perform its job while providing the utmost organization and access to your valuables, then look no further than Brown Safe.

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