Brown Safe

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    Brown Safe Manufacturing has been committed to creating safes and vault doors of the highest caliber for more than 30 years. What started as one man’s dream to build the best possible safe has grown to become recognized around the world as the premier safe and vault manufacturer. Today Brown Safe remains a family-owned business with the same dedication to building safes built to the highest standards. Nearly every component of a Brown Safe is produced in their 65,000 sf start-of-the-art Southern California facility, which gives them the upmost quality control over every aspect of your safe. They have invested in advanced machinery and cutting-edge equipment designed specifically to handle the thick steel and robust materials required for their high-security products, and the tooling necessary for the refined features found within them. The skilled engineers and craftsmen take great pride in producing safes that are trusted to protect priceless memories, heirlooms, jewelry and much more.

    Brown Safe strongly believes the safe’s core intention is defending the contents committed to its care, and while they never sacrifice function for form, they continue to enhance the design and features that make it a worthy vessel of your most important items. A high quality safe can be an asset to your lifestyle and should be something you enjoy interacting with. By offering the most beautiful selection of materials available and advanced features like biometric entries, watch winders, and custom interior layouts that enjoyment is further enhanced.

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