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    From the surface of the canvas, a swimmer’s head emerges,
    the face sheathed in glistening water, making the viewer ask,
    “Is it a painting or a photograph?” People have been asking
    this when seeing Jeannie’s photorealistic oils for the first
    time since 1975.

    Although many identify Jeannie with her “Swimmer
    Series,” her newest piece featuring the Italian cityscape of
    Portofino is quickly changing that perception. This 900-hour
    commission began just as the pandemic shut everything down,
    including the festivals where Jeannie displays her work. When
    “in progress” photos of Portofino were posted on social media,
    people started calling to reserve their giclée print when the 48-
    by-75 inch oil painting was completed.

    Many collectors who own limited editions from her “Swimmer
    Series” have added Portofino to their growing collection. If you
    have been to Italy, you will love Portofino—if you have not been,
    it will make you want to go!

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