Tag: Designers in West Palm Beach

  • Sean Rush Atelier

    Sean has focused his career on private estates, integrating his work so that both architectural design and artwork compliment each other with equal standing. With sensitivity to relationships of space and scale and the marriage of interior design and art, Sean sees the entirety of a room and creates living Read more [...]

  • Danielle DePerro Design, Inc.

    Danielle DePerro is the president of D. DePerro Designs, Inc. a boutique design firm founded in 1995. A state licensed interior designer, her foundation was established with a Bachelor’s of Design from the University of Florida, College of Architecture. D. DePerro Design, Inc. has carved out an exclusive signature in Read more [...]

  • Christa’s South Seashells

    Christa’s SouthåÊAntiques & SeashellsåÊis well-known for itsåÊsignature collection of seashell fantasies.åÊ åÊ At Christa’s South we aspire to make the finest quality and most unusual seashell pieces in the world.åÊ I have had the pleasure of working with great architects and designers who have led me in directions from minimalist Read more [...]