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    Marlene Rose

    Marlene Rose is an internationally known award-winning sculptor who produces stunningly beautiful works of art in her chosen medium, sand-cast glass. Seen in museums and galleries across the US and Europe, her works are sought by glass connoisseurs, fine art collectors and Hollywood A-list celebrities. Each piece is hand cast Read more [...]

  • Marlene Rose Glass

    Marlene Rose is an award-winning glass sculptor, internationally known in museums as well as top galleries. Her works are collected by the glass cognoscenti, fine-art collectors and Hollywood A-list celebrities. åÊ While the process that Rose uses is relatively new, it is based on the thousands-year-old tradition of bronze casting. Read more [...]

  • Menaul Fine Art

    Scott J. Menaul is an abstract artist with a unique creative process. His methods allow him to customize artwork, changing colors, dimensions and composition. Find out how he can help your solve design problems.