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    Rimadesio Miami by Solesdi

    Founded in 1956, Italy’s Rimadesio produces systems for subdividing environments and for the architectural definition of internal spaces – doors, sliding panels, shelving units, walk-in wardrobes and a collection of complementary furniture including sideboards, bedroom storage, tables, and bookcases. Research and innovation are in the company’s DNA. The Rimadesio’s style Read more [...]

  • Bandalux

    BANDALUX presents Arion, the XXXL Roller Shade system for large window openings. Up to 348 inches height. Maximum surface: 551sq.Ft. Beauty and strength for both inside and outside installation. Wide range of fabrics: Polyscreenå¨, Black Out or

  • Nad Creation

    An Innovative Spirit A trend editor-designer, LunaLaLuna is a young creative and innovative brand, dedicated to the luxury object for interior or exterior. Free from the dictates of fashion, between art and design, it creates and produces original objects. Its last elegant and sophisticated collection åÇ les Baigneuses åÈ will Read more [...]