Cattelan Italia

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    Our collections are produced by a close network of expert manufacturers who work in our territory.

    Over the years Cattelan Italia has been able to build strong collaborations with highly specialized partners, putting skills and resources together, in order to offer the premium quality of Made in Italy craftsmanship.

    The continuous innovation process of our products allows us to address different markets and to answers to the constantly evolving customers needs.

    Our Research & Development department works closely with a network of designers and artisans to identify cutting-edge ideas, trends and the newest production techniques. The search for the best performing materials, both in terms of technical and aesthetic features, gives rise to our wide, flexible and adaptable collection. The furnishing collection consists of iconic design pieces with a strong sculptural identity. In particular, the products dedicated to the living area express the Cattelan Italia style in its purest form. The living collection consists of astonishing tables and elegant chairs, refined consoles and sideboards, modular bookcases and choreographic lamps.

    Every fine detail is designed to offer maximum comfort. The soft coverings of the seats and beds, the adjustable heights of the coffee tables and the precise ergonomic of the tables are just a few examples of the elements that make our furnishings longlasting life companions. Each product is available in a wide range of finishes and styling variants, allowing full customization and adapting to any aesthetic and spatial need.

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