Oikos Venezia

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    For more than 30 years Oikos Venezia has been designing and manufacturing safety doors in Italy, in its factory in Gruaro, Venice. The company is recognized nationally and internationally as an industry leader in the high-end segment.

    Oikos calls its products true and actual “entrance architectures” that have been awarded over time the preference of international planners and interior designers looking for integrated solutions with an high aesthetic impact. This because Oikos has been the first in the world to have the due and well-deserved architectural value recognized to the entrance space, which has now finally been considered an integral part of the living space, also thanks to solutions ensuring continuity to the safety door-wall interface, enhanced by latest-generation materials, colors and finishes.

    The company stands out for its ability to combine craft know-how and industrial organization in order to create unique, evolved and customized products. In order to meet the needs of a customized production on an industrial scale, Oikos carries out all the processing activities in-house so that it can guarantee direct control over the production processes, as well as a craftsmanship expertise that can lead to tailor-made and quality solutions applying recognized industrial processes: Oikos coined the term “arsenalità” to define, in one word, this valuable skill.

    The inspiration was the Arsenale in Venice, a famous place where the ships that made Venice a world power were built; the Oikos Arsenale, divided between the “Tesa del Favaro” (the smithy) and the “Tesa del Marangon” (the carpenter workshop), was created precisely to design and create entrance architectures able to live up to that legacy.

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