Shaping Contemporary Comfort

Designer Fede Teran Brings New Life To An Aging Home In The Exclusive Enclave Of Cocoplum Nestled In The Heart Of Miami

Story Credits

Fede Teran, Fede Design LLC, Miami, FL
Ken Hayden, Miami Beach, FL
Text by:
Marina Brown
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We all have challenges in life. and for a designer presented with a home originally built in the ‘90s, complete with eight-foot-high ceilings covered in a popcorn finish, and a kitchen in eye-popping green and orange, such endeavors might seem daunting.

Not so for designer Fede Teran. Instead, he assessed the 7,800-square-foot Cocoplum residence in Coral Gables, Fla. — a tropical paradise within minutes from Downtown Miami, Key Biscayne and Miami Beach — and knew that he could turn this home into what he calls “contemporary, but cozy,” embracing his philosophy of streamlined comfort.

Starting from absolute scratch, Teran began working with the South American-born homeowners — a young couple he had designed a condominium for years earlier. With this home however, there were head-shaking oddities … like a full bar positioned dead center in a family room. But once the lumpy swirled-stucco walls, low ceilings and dated light fixtures were removed, Teran let his imagination soar. He knew the owners loved their condominium with its comfortable and contemporary lines, and that is just what he would re-create … only bigger and better.

Outside, a shimmering pool creates a fun diversion for the homeowners and their young children. Outfitted with wood furnishings steam-curved to bend for optimum comfort and style, the deck is designed as an extension of the interior spaces.

Step inside, where the designer’s fascination with shapes prevails. In the living room, Teran emphasizes the horizontals with expanded rectangles and linear color blocks. Large squares, small fabric squares, and squared-off seating contribute to a strong and cozy space.

But then there are the circles. “I love circles,” Teran laughs. From the scatter of flush circular wall lights to the spill of chocolate and gray circles across a whimsical area rug, the designer shows how their use in a room of angles immediately softens edges and attitudes.

Rounding a corner to the dining room … another circle appears. As if to counteract the masculine volume of the stained walnut table, Teran has placed a gentle glowing sphere against a black-stone wall. A coved ceiling makes the area’s seven-foot height expand.

Bringing calm to the colorful vintage kitchen required radical changes. Now, flush cabinetry in white lacquer lines the culinary space, where the designer chose warm woods for display shelving and a casual dining area. Quartz countertops and the elegantly subtle swell of the serving bar beneath a single bank of floating cabinets keep the space from becoming clinical.

Teran’s penchant for both bold and cozy comes full circle in the media room, where charcoal-gray walls soothe and waves of color captivate. “I love the texture and contrast in this room,” he says. Romo’s poppy colored accent pillows appear like foils to the custom-designed sectional sofa and ottomans clad in soft brown-gray chenille. Pulling all of the tones of the room together, a vivid area rug contains patterns of 25 repeating colors that resonate happily with racecar artifacts, ski paintings, and the crimson hue of the 300-bottle wine room so handily within reach.

Yet whether a home is colorful or muted, the bedroom is a place of serenity. And in the master suite, Teran chose gray hues tempered by warm woods, all lightened with soft textured ivory. Once again, the designer couldn’t resist the appearance of circles, this time styling the wool and silk area rugs that ground the space in comfort.

“Why live simple, when you can live fantastic?” Teran muses about this Cocoplum redesign. “A home should stimulate the senses. It should smell wonderful; the music should be right; textures should arouse you; and what you see should be beautiful,” he says. As for taste, perhaps this is where the wine room comes in … or possibly the bubbles of champagne.