A Gem Within A Jewel

Dramatic Ocean Views And The Miami Beach Skyline Enliven A Re-Invented Pied-À-Terre For One Large Brazilian Family

Story Credits

Interior Architecture and Design:
Tatiana Moreira, StyleHaus Design, Miami, FL
Emilio Collavino, Miami Beach, FL
Text by:
Roberta Klein
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During the past few years, a growing influx of Brazilians have been purchasing luxury beachfront condominiums in the South Florida area for second homes. Sophisticated and with inherently good taste, they seek top designers to achieve their visions. And Tatiana Moreira has proven to be one of the most sought-after designers by Brazilians in South Florida.

“What I do is interior architecture and design,” Moreira says. The singular architect designing and producing the entire project is de rigueur in much of South America. “This offers a sense of comfort for internationals that buy and decorate homes in the states,” she says.

Through a recent referral, one such Brazilian couple commissioned Moreira to reinvent their first 2,335-square-foot apartment in the Green Diamond Condominium. With the building’s emerald-hued glass apex lighted and shimmering at night, and its mirror-shaped sister tower’s sapphire-colored apex shining in blue, the twin towers are a standout amidst Miami Beach, Fla.’s, jeweled cityscape at twilight.

Moreira often designs stateside interiors for international clients who stay in their main residences during the process. The key to her success — an all important initial meeting in Miami and then constant communication with the client via today’s world-wide technology.

“I met the wife at the apartment when she had just completed the closing,” the designer says. “She gave but one mandate, ‘We want a vacation home with a beachy but elegant look … that accommodates our entire family of 12.'”

Undaunted, Moreira began by questioning the couple about their likes, wishes, color preferences and other desires for their project. Reflecting their design preferences, the “beachy but elegant” concept was applied.

Inherent in the appeal of the apartment is the panorama of clear ocean views appearing majestically throughout the main living spaces. Step inside, where floor-to-ceiling walls of glass immediately draw the eyes to an overview of the Atlantic Ocean and clusters of Miami Beach’s historic buildings hugging sleek, new towers.

Waves of white walls lead the way to the great room, where a neutral interior palette washes across Artefacto’s deep-seated sofa and glass-topped cocktail table in the living area. Walnut cabinetry houses a media center on one side and conceals the kitchen on the other. Concurrently, the custom walnut side table designed with a glossy lacquer plant shelf creates a pleasant diversion to prevent the sofa from visually dominating the space. Sandy colored Crema Marfil marble flooring runs throughout in a shimmering nod to the beach scene beyond. As a total but very appealing departure, Eero Saarinen’s “Womb Chair” in brilliant red sits center stage to provide a bird’s-eye view of the seacape.

Geometry takes precedence in the kitchen and adjoining dining area shaped by glass wraparounds. Ocean-hued accents provide a stark but warm, graceful canvas for minimalist furnishings that allow the eye to focus on the breathtaking views. Nearby, splashes of red reappear in an intimate breakfast alcove to create a vibrant rhythm that brings a certain order to the space.

Through Skype and conference calls, Moreira communicated frequently with the couple, sending weekly progress pictures. And ultimately, this pied-à-terre pleased the entire blended family. So much that the owners purchased a second apartment in the building and gave Moreira carte blanche for that design as well.