A World Of Wonder

Expeditions to Papua New Guinea, Solomon Islands and the Sea of Okhotsk offer one-of-a-kind adventure and exploration.

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Courtesy of The World, Miramar, FL
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Kim Mosley
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An exclusive lifestyle of thrilling global exploration and the discovery of dynamic cultures and history along the way — this epitomizes life onboard The World, the largest privately owned residential yacht on earth (at 644 feet long). The ship continuously circumnavigates the globe every two to three years spending approximately 3 days in each port. Residents and guests of The World have come face-to-face with King and Gentoo penguins in Antarctica and navigated the breathtaking Seychelles islands in the Indian Ocean. Residents will be thrilled by an amazingly curated, exhilarating 17-day expedition to Papua New Guinea and, for the first time, to the Solomon Islands — venturing from one end of the islands to the other to explore distant Ghizo, Santa Ana, Utupua and Tikopia that dot the South Pacific. Other ports of call this year include the Sea of Okhotsk and beyond to more remote regions such as Tuleniy Island and Piltoon Lagoon in search of abundant wildlife and dramatic landscapes.

Sailing onboard The World entices the “explorer” mindset of residents who have chosen to discover the treasures of the planet together with the other families who call this distinctive community-at-sea “home.” With every corner of the globe a possibility, a voyage on The World offers a fascinating, adventurous and rare lifestyle that brings destinations to life. To learn more about residences on The World and the Guest Stay Program, please call 954/538-3399 or visit www.aboardtheworld.com.