“Lady Candy”

The jewel of the Benetti family class of luxury superyachts, Lady Candy offers the ultimate experience in style, comfort and superior performance.

Story Credits

Jeff Brown, Superyacht Media
Text by
Susan Sherman
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Master Italian yacht maker Benetti introduced the majestic vessel, Lady Candy, with a contemporary design, superior technology and stylish interiors. The 184-foot, 962-ton luxury vessel, whose class is matched only by its outstanding performance, is the ultimate luxury floating residence. Built from aluminum and steel on a time-tested Naval architectural platform, the ship cruises at a maximum speed of 17-knots and features anchor stabilizers at zero speed for increased comfort in rough waters. With Naval design from Benetti together with styling from Captain Paul Brackley’s Central Yacht Design Studio, the exterior lines of the ship have a contemporary feel, but do not diminish the timeless elegance that denotes world-renowned Benetti vessels.

The designers and architects worked closely with the owner to create Lady Candy’s elegant, yet simple custom interiors — spaces fashioned with Briar root wood elements and warm, welcoming furnishings in soft lilac and jade hues. Four levels of deck connect by a central loft that opens onto a lobby with comfortable sofas that lead to four spacious guest cabins, a main deck with an enormous saloon, bar, seven-seat cinema, gym, and a dining room with a circular table that seats 14. The upper deck VIP suite is where the owner and his family enjoy panoramic views of the ocean from a private terrace complete with a massage room. For more information, please visit www.benettiyachts.it